Diana S. Catz

Diana S. CatzDiana S. CatzDiana S. CatzDiana S. CatzDiana S. CatzDiana S. CatzDiana S. CatzDiana S. CatzDiana S. CatzDiana S. Catz

Diana S. Catz was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Her artistic education started early in life with private tutoring when she was 6 years old. When she was a teenager, she studied composition and drawing at the School of Graphic Design in Buenos Aires.
With multiple degrees to her name (Masters in Sciences and Public Health, PhD in Biochemistry, and an Associate degree in Nursing), Diana delved into diverse professions such as basic scientist, public health researcher, clinical research manager and research nurse.

Diana moved from Manhattan to Riverdale 1998, and found the neighborhood complemented her love of nature, gardening, and art. Community courses at Lehman College and the Riverdale Community Center gave her the confidence to paint again.
Van Cortlandt Park has been a source of inspiration with its multiple environments and diversity of forms and colors. However, she feels her best artwork is her personal garden. Over the years, she has combined wild and cultivated plants, all growing in beautiful equilibrium, mixing blooming times, flower colors and leaf structures, to create a garden that is inviting and admired by her neighbors

Diana’s artwork is also inspired by the great cultural diversity in the New York City area. She started using Chinese calligraphy brushes for her acrylic paintings, after a class with a Chinese Master at the Greenburgh Public library, and she is continuously exploring new themes and techniques. Social and political issues also motivate Diana and keep her busy and engaged, “since we cannot isolate ourselves from the events in our lives,” she hopes that through her art, people gain perspective, and most of all hope and joy! Because, “without joy life makes no sense”.

Diana hopes her art inspires and moves other people, as her garden inspires her. She recalls her connection and enjoyment of Marc Chagall’s “Over Vitebsk” when the painting visited Buenos Aires many years ago. She was enthralled by it and vividly remembered it for quite some time, “the painting told me a story that I was unable to forget.”

Since 2013, Diana’s work has been exhibited in group and solo shows at Columbia University Health Sciences Library, and community venues such as the Riverdale-Yonkers Society for Ethical Culture (RYSEC), The Riverdale Y (Gallery 18), Metro UrgiCare, and the Office of Senator Alessandra Biaggi.

Today, Diana is an active member of the Riverdale Art Association, and serves as its Exhibit chair since January 2020. As such Diana curated most of the Riverdale Association exhibits, including several online exhibits. Visit DianaSCatz.com to view her current work.

Contact information:
website: DianaSCatz.com
Instagram: @dianascatz

Phone: 718-549-1735
Address: 5749 Mosholu Ave, Bronx, NY 10471