Barry James Lent

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My work is primarily a journey into the subconscious. I employ a somewhat minimalist approach with a limited color pallete using very few tools. My goal is to express the darker emotions, fears and ecstasies that I and perhaps many of you experience deep within and typically hide in daily life. I seek personal balance through the execution of my work and make a concerted effort to remain as honest and unrestrained with myself as I can during every working session. I never plan ahead or make a study drawing, I simply start with a blank space and commence when the correct mental state is achieved. I give simple titles to my pictures and leave the interperation of what appears on the work surface to the viewer. My desire is that the audience will find space within the work for themselves, even if it causes an uncomfortable connection. I believe that "feeling", positive or negative, is one of the most unique and important aspects of the human condition. My main reason for painting is to feel and make felt the hidden personal facets that make us who we are.