Debbie Quinn

“Chasing light and shadows is my passion.” As a longtime Riverdale resident, Debbie started chasing sunlight and shadows with her camera during the isolation of the pandemic, when watching evening sunsets outside her window was her only relief. The vivid skies were so breathtaking that she was inspired to capture the moment and in so doing, find her peace.
Debbie uses glass to find the extraordinary in everyday occurrences that our eyes often miss. To see the way glass bends and refracts light is an awe-inspiring experience for her. Her tools include a collection of glass balls that encapsulate images, and delicate crystals that she stages to create a calming moment of zen.
Since the pandemic, her creations have grown bolder and more colorful with her camera capturing the sky’s golden hour (hour before sunset) and blue hour (hour after sunset), to illuminate jaw-dropping colors, hues and lines at dusk. With study and practice she developed a definitive style that people describe as unique.
Debbie has a vision for her images, to bring peace and comfort to an ever-changing world through her lensball photography. She is honored to have had her work exhibited in the Blue Door Art Center in Yonkers, the Yonkers Arts Gallery, the Riverdale Offices of the NY District 11 Council Member, the Cecil County Arts Council Photo Show in Maryland, the Riverdale Public Library and the online gallery of the Rockland Arts Festival.