Kimberly Jimenez

25 SpringCalavera GhostEn Tus RecuerdosIn Loving MemoryMelesioMoon WebWeaving FeelingsYo Cuido Tu Pancreas

Artist Statement

My artwork is presented with broad mediums, materials, and ideas. It begins by process
of experimentation with paint or my reaction to unconventional materials. Multimedia
objects suits the construction of my work. Inspiration and curiosity amuses me during art
processes, which evolves the subject matter in its own unique way. Therefore, every
artwork looks different from one another. Some unconventional materials are scrap
fabric, assemblage, tea, spices, mundane objects, flower pots, etc. While in my
conventional artwork you see my paintings, sculptures, and prints sometimes combined
with embroidery techniques, paper- maché, and collage. The artworks stem from
themes of indigenous belief, Ecuadorian tradition, symbolism, narrative, and
conceptualism. The contrast in materials and subjects become essential for the context
or voice of the art, as well as to underline the idea I wish to express for example: life
experiences, traditions and decolonizing.

The two main movements seen in my work are symbolism and conceptualism. When
working with my life as subject matter I lean towards symbolic figures, cultural
representation, and my dual nationality. The symbolic contexts vary from family, friends,
history, and imaginary events. When working with conceptualism my artwork transforms
abstract and minimalistic with focus on conceptual narrative, and creation of symbols as
its own language for my world.
Symbolism shows through representation of figures, and objects with themes of
Ecuadorian Tradition, dreams and visions. For example: “Día de los Difuntos” (All soul’s
Day) is a large theme in my work that represents “guaguas de pan”, (baby-bread) which
is symbolic to birth and life, and “Colada”, (fruity drink) that represents death. In this
celebration food is important because it brings together family and my ancestors.
Shared stories during celebrations impact my work as an itch for narrative of the
unknown truth. The narratives are connections with family and the past to understand
identity and its influence on culture.

My conceptual artwork tries to decolonize art through historical references
between two historical cultures. These cultures highlight colonization symbols in
conjunction with indigenous symbols. Both mixtures necessary to understand Latin
American History. My goal is to unify both clashing cultures by challenging body and
mind to describe and simplify to the viewers my identity. The work’s biculturalism and
subtle narratives help create the hybrid identity where language, material and color
speak for themselves. For example in my “Carajo” performance I use historical stories
to symbolize past and conceptualism to represent the present on my experiences as a
woman, relationships, and political challenges inspired by 1970’s radical women
performances. Other poetic performances show stories of abusive intimate experience’s
that myself and other women have endured while being in an insecure lonely dark
Finally, my goal is to have both English and Latin audiences enjoy my work
through personal connections between cultures, family structures and ideas. I want to
revolutionize my artwork to being symbolic and meaningful to my country and the art