Luis Perelman

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I was born and raised in New York City.

Formally trained as an architect, I received a degree from Columbia University in 1965.

I have worked in a variety of media including collage, watercolor, painting, assemblage and sculpture.

My focus has always been the exploration of space and form in order to express a non-verbal reality. My resin sculptures involve the connecting of random elements into a cohesive geometrical framework, and in the juxtaposing of seemingly disparate artifacts found as the discards of the Industrial Age. My intention is to bring about a transformation of these discarded elements into a cohesive whole.

I have also been interested in the exploration of pattern and color. In my paintings and collages I have made use of Islamic and American quilt patterns as a basis upon which to improvise.

My work has been exhibited in museums and galleries in New York and the Northeast, including the Whitney Museum, the Neuberger Museum, Leo Castelli and Allan Stone Galleries. In addition it is in many private collections including those of Roy Neuberger, Phillip Johnson and I.M.Pei. My most recent solo exhibition was at O.K. Harris in New York City.