Luis Cordero Santoni

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About Luis Cordero Santoni

Cordero is a graphic artist born in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico and currently residing in Yonkers, NY. He has been very active in the Puerto Rican community in NYC for many years and has volunteered his time and skills to many organizations. In 2013, he and several other artists founded the Puerto Rican Institute for the Development of the Arts, Inc., PRIDA, which has distinguished itself as one of the few organizations advocating for the rights of the Puerto Rican artists. PRIDA’s mission: to promote and provide support for the Puerto Rican artists and the arts. Learn more at
As a graphic artist Luis has been enhancing his photography with digital techniques to produce images that can be printed in a number of mediums and in varying sizes.
He produces and sells his own line of tee-shirts with Indigenous Taíno and other Puerto Rican cultural icons. He has made several travels to the Caribbean to photograph Taino rock carvings. He is currently studying printmaking and is developing several works using printmaking techniques. He has showcased his artwork in several exhibitions in NY.
He worked 18 years as a graphics specialist on the MTA transportation project East Side Access where he was often called upon for construction photography.

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