Chuck Blas

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I was born in Brooklyn, NY in 1935

I’ve been a executive art director, graphic designer, for leading advertising agencies in NYC for over 40 years

Ever since childhood I’ve been interested in the creative arts. I was a member of the art club in high school and illustrated in the yearbook.

I attended Pratt School of Design, The New School and the NYC Community College majoring in advertising art during the evenings while working in advertising agencies under the GI Bill. Years later I taught Advertising Art at Rockland Community College, NY.

I am the recipient of the New York Art Directors Club Awards, and The New York Type Directors Club, Clio, the Andy Awards for Print Advertising and TV Commercials. I also judged the NY Art Director Club and Clio.

My true passion is photography. I entered my first photo contest at the age of 18 and received First and Second Place awards. During my advertising career while working on locations as a hobby I carried my cameras and photographed compiling over 5,000 black and white and colored slides selling some to periodicals. I was also influenced by the Abstract Expressionist. My favorite painters of that group, and they were many, were Pollock, Kline, Hoffman and Newman.

With my art associates we formed an art club/gallery and painted twice a week after work. With no formal art education and going to museums, galleries and studying the works of the Expressionists they have all been a significant influence in my paintings My paintings often derived from media symbols and graphics that catches my eyes. Colors and shapes were essential elements to my paintings. I sold paintings to private collectors and illustrated stylized drawings commissioned by advertisers and art studios.