Sharon Krinsky

The Chinese RoomUntitledLengthwiseWoman with PrintUntitledWomen's March

I am primarily a mixed media/collage artist. I work with many different types of papers, as well as with acrylics, pastels, fabrics, photographs, and printed materials. I enjoy experimenting with various forms of printmaking, which I incorporate into my collages and also use in the creation of handmade books. Reusing and recycling papers, fabrics, found “objects” and other materials is an important aspect of what I do. By focusing on mixed media projects, I hope to transform what is usually discarded and wasted into art. As a result, my pieces become a combination of the old and the new. When I make a collage, it’s like trying to complete a jigsaw puzzle, moving the pieces around until they make sense within the boundaries of the paper or the canvas or the board I’ve chosen to work on. The final product becomes a cohesive whole mainly because it is organized by intuition rather than by logic. Some of the influences on my work are early Modernist painting, Expressionist printmaking, mid-century design, the Bauhaus, paper dolls, and dreams.

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