Pradeep Gupta

Artist Statement:
My paintings are layered bursts of energy inspired by nature's movement, blending present with past. Forms and lines fall into a sea of emotion. Shapes and reflections drift into volumetric configurations. This effect captures the essence of nature's and light creating an artistic metaphor opaque, airy, thick and organic.

Mixed media allows for more creative freedom and gives the materials a voice. I direct, they talk. There is a constant conversation between me and my canvas where colors & mark become my language of conversation.”

Pradeep Gupta, born and raised in India, is a NewYork based artist. He creates his art in mix medium using all kind of unconventional tools but brushes. Pradeep has collaborated with Cozy Stone, a writer from LA on her two books to translate her motivational Quotes into visual art. The books are available at Amazon. Pradeep works can be found in the private living rooms of art lovers around the globe. His more work can be seen n purchased at Fine Art Gallery, Bronxville, New York. Pradeep is strong follower of peace n humanity.