Lea Weinberg

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Artist Lea Weinberg creates sculptures and reliefs in metal wire mesh, mixed media and bronze. She was born and raised in Tel Aviv Israel, and currently lives in White Plains, NY.

Art studies in Israel include:

Technion-extension devision in Tel-Aviv-Graphic Design.

Art Academy in Ramat-Hashron-Visual Arts and Puppet Theatre

Kibbutzim College of Education, Tel-Aviv-Theatre, Performing Arts

Shulamit Hartal studio, Tel-Aviv-Metal Wire Mesh Sculpture

Elena Kunin, Tel-Aviv-Art Dolls

Harold Rubin, Artists Association Tel-Aviv-Life Drawing

1993-1996 Lived in Riverdale, NY, Studied Sculpture and Painting with Harriet Belag.

Was a member of "Puppeteers of America" & Puppeteers guilds of Manhattan and Long Island.

Since 2005 Lea is participating in Westchester Art Workshop Taking Contemporary Sculpture, Life Drawing and Life Sculpture. She has achieved awards through her exhibits which include solo and group shows in Israel and New York.

Lea Weinberg Artist, Semi Abstract Sculptor

In life a single glimpse is never enough...

Lea creates sculptures and reliefs in wire mesh with mixed media, as well as bronze sculptures. In her Sculptural Installation she also uses raw, industrial materials and found objects.

Wire mesh is her main medium since 1997. Togetherness is a significant motif in her work. When viewing her sculptures, one sees multiple figures and meanings. Her semi abstract sculptures use the human form to express the emotional interaction between individuals, revealing figures entwined together. Reviewers often describe their flow as: “wind around each other like wisps of smoke…”

There is a relationship between strength and softness in Lea’s work and materials. She uses rigid, sharp, yet flexible wire mesh to create soft forms, on the other hand she uses substances (as concrete) which are soft material becoming hard when dry. One gets the same contrast feeling seeing the wire mesh artworks alongside her bronze sculptures; While the bronzes' entangled structures are solid and multifaceted, the semi transparency of the ethereal wire mesh, allows the viewer to see into and beyond the flowing forms…

Many of Lea’s themes are based on relationships related to the Woman and Motherhood,

Other Series of her works (“Daphne’s Forest”) inspired by forms in nature, mainly trees.

Ongoing project: “Mother-Survivormy mother's Personal Story intertwined with the Holocaust History” expressed through a Contemporary 6 Series sculptural Installation, Lea is inviting students to her exhibition, sharing with them stories she had personally heard from her optimistic mother Paula. “My goal is to evoke public awareness for future generations, while Holocaust denials and Genocides still persist”

Lea Weinberg

Email: leaweinberg@gmail.com

Website: www.leaw-sculptor.com