Carol Sommerfield

Another TimeAutumn JazzBermuda ReflectionsBranded and Boxed LemonsCondemned Evening Glow 2Forsook - Lake Muskoday No ATVs

My desire to paint comes from my deep appreciation, love, and feeling for a moment in time.

I took a 34 year break from art as I pursued a successful career as a corporate executive. I returned to painting in 2010 and began to realize that my paintings are also about transitions in my life. My company, Frog’s Leap Consulting, LLC, ( facilitates transformative change in companies, people and teams. That is also true of my paintings. I see potential, a story, deeper meaning, and the surprise of discovering beauty and potential that we often miss on first glance. I am very lucky to say my work is totally connected – whether working with people or working with paint.

I want viewers to feel the joy of connecting with the subject. To experience the dance of light and color, the emotion of fading or growing day light, the solitude and joy of being alone with a subject, the liveliness in a still life. I hope that the viewer, like me, wonders about the stories behind the images, the transition that is imminent. My ultimate desire is to have the viewer simply stop a moment to see and feel through the use of composition and color; to wonder about the moment.

What are my paintings about? They are a metaphor for our challenges, fears and strength. Joy, color, mystery, unanswered questions, humor, solitary moments, sensuality and boldness. Take a walk around the virtual gallery and decide what they mean to you.