Marcia Brandwein

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Drawing has always been fundamental to me. I began at a very young age and with the
encouragement of my parents I started painting classes. I spent Saturdays at Pratt Institute and it was natural that when I graduated high school, I would continue there to get my degree. My teachers were professionals in their fields and when it came time to establish my major, Illustration was my choice. I received my BFA in Illustration. In the years that followed, my drawing and painting continued and through it I was introduced to textile designing, styling and manufacturing. For over 30 years I was exposed to the world as I developed fabrics overseas and domestically. It took me to China, Japan, Thailand, Italy, France, Portugal, Switzerland, India and Israel. My passion for color and design became developed by being exposed to amazing people, surroundings and art.
However, I never lost the desire to return to drawing and painting and added evening classes at the Art Students League in New York to satisfy that urge. Coming to Pemaquid some 34 years ago, I found a closeness to nature and my environment that as a city person, I had never known. The brightness of colors, the quiet except for the sounds that one expects to hear, gave me the impetus to once again get out the sketch books and camera and try to capture the magnificence of what I was feeling. I started working in watercolor, graphite and pastel and spent time with other artists that live in the area. My painting forays were short due to my textile career but I now am able to spend the time I want being here and have returned to using oils on canvas, my first love. It has given me the freedom of color and application. I still begin the process with a drawing to define my space but then the doors open and I feel free. I live art in every way, every day of my life. It has given me spirit, satisfaction, pride, sensitivity and sometimes an escape. I feel privileged to have had the ability to be creative. mobile 516 316-3051