Lindsey Francis

Blue Figure Plate - Lindsey FrancisBlue Rib Cage Vase - Lindsey FrancisBody Cast - Lindsey FrancisBody Image - Lindsey FrancisBrain MRI - Lindsey FrancisDream  - Lindsey FrancisPoppy Vases  - Lindsey FrancisRib Cage Painting  - Lindsey FrancisRussell   - Lindsey FrancisSide Efffects  - Lindsey Francis

Recently an entire year was spent focusing my energy and artwork on my personal health. The goal was to have my audience be able to see the pain I feel while battling a chronic illness, and to improve my mental health and understanding about my body. After the work based on my physical ailments and pain was completed I still could not shake the anxiety that was living inside of me. Now the focus of my work is not only on my physical body but the mind and the anxiety that is contained in it and the world around it.

The creative process is a unique form of self-expression, and aides in healing because it is unique to the creator. Each piece made represents an emotional goal that was reached and sets precedence for continued growth through production. After I am done I can look at my art and be proud of something that is a direct extension of who I am. I am on an artistic crusade to no longer be ashamed of my body, my health, or my mind; this is what I want others to see and feel.

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