Inez Sieben


My art, just as my view of the world, comes from within. Images form as I process day-to-day experiences and the world around me. Sometimes they form as I sleep, or during that in-between state before waking, or as I listen to music or dance. Occasionally, when least expected, walking down the street, hiking in the woods, or in conversation with a friend, I’m hit by a vision I am compelled to capture.

I am sure that my growing up in multiple cultures, experiencing different sights, sounds and smells, influence my work more than I realize. Undeniably, my love of fairy tales, fiction, fantasy, and sci-fi permeates my work.

I’ve always loved art, but work, children, life, just didn’t provide the space and time to pursue my passion. Until now.

I am grateful for the opportunity, if brief, to study art in Strasbourg, France as a young adult. Now I study under Eleanor Grace Miller.


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