Jonathan Lessuck

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Jonathan Lessuck Photographer Biography Jonathan Lessuck (b. 1961) is a native New Yorker. Raised on the Upper West Side, he began taking pictures at the age of 10. In 2016, after spending 32 years as a New York City high school teacher, Jonathan developed his photography from a hobby to an avocation. Today he spends his time walking New York City and traveling the world, with his camera in hand, looking for that perfect shot. Artist Statement I was given my first Kodak Instamatic as a Christmas present, when I was 10 years old. I immediately went outside to take pictures of the snow banks covering New York City that winter. Ever since then I have taken my camera everywhere I traveled, documenting my life and the things I have seen. In 2016 I retired as a NYC public school teacher, and I found myself with the time to study and improve my craft. Today I use my photography to document my travels and the city I live in. I am inspired by the urge to share what I see, and to look for unique views into the everyday lives of people I meet.