Deb Holcombe

Glass With TowelBroken GlassGlass with Dish LiquidGlass With Windex BottleLost WineWater and WineCream and Sugar

The subject of interest in “The Refraction Series” is not the objects that fill the canvas but what can’t be touched; light, refraction, reflection, shadow and how marks and color describes these things to create the impression of the object to the eye. These paintings are an interpretation of common things we all look at with special attention to how cheap glass and fluid distort the appearance of objects. Another element to this series is the mystery of unseen actions in these paintings that create a narrative and questions for the viewer. Although the paintings in “The Refraction Series” join together everyday objects, such as a tea towel, a bread knife and glass objects such as wine bottles and wine glasses, there are elements of mystery and discord in these paintings: Why is the wine glass toppled and left there in the painting Lost Wine? How did the glass break and was the bread knife used something other than buttering bread in the painting Broken Glass? Prior to beginning this series I have worked in portraiture and also completed a body of work that explores representations of religious icons and symbols, such as Mary, Saint Michael, the Sacred Heart and the Holy Trinity. Although this work follows my own spiritual quest to understand the impact of these images it also leads the viewer to examine their own response to symbols and icons. The response has been positive and uplifting for many and disturbing and guilt-ridden for others. After attending Tyler School of Art/Temple University with one year of study in Rome, I graduated with a BFA. I spent a decade in New York City and presently reside in Yonkers, NY with my spouse and eclectic family including a menagerie of rescued pets. I have exhibited in numerous solo and group venues. Many paintings and commissioned works are in private collections.