Dorothy Feldman

My informal art education began by observing my father's line drawings demonstrating the principles of perspective. My more formal art education began at J.H.S. 80 Bx, when my artistic potential was recognized and I was placed in what was referred to as a “special art” class. How fortunate to have attended public school at a time when art and music classes were not considered time consuming “extras” but part of a well-rounded curriculum! Subsequently I attended The High School of Music and Art and was a Fine Arts major at Hunter College.

After retiring from my “day jobs” as an educator/administrator, college adjunct, and office holder in various professional organizations I finally had the time to pursue interests which had been “on the back burner”. I am now actively retired with time for book clubs, art making, traveling, etc.

I take drawing (colored pencils/graphite) and watercolor classes on a regular basis---balancing the discipline of portrait and figure drawing classes, with the more spontaneous nature of watercolor painting. Recently I have branched out into alcohol ink designs, photography, and the creation of Zen Tangles. My artwork, often inspired by my travels, has been exhibited and recognized for honors at various Riverdale Art Association venues, the 92 St Y student art shows, and the annual Vintage Art Show at Riverdale Senior Services (RSS).

As I refine my techniques I am mindful that “art” is a process; a“masterpiece” is not the result of a first effort—but just as in writing, there is always a first draft with opportunities to revise. Patience!