Verrazano Bridge 3

Artist Name: 
Chris Chalfant
Dimensions (width x height x depth): 

Over the twenty years that I lived near the Verrazano Bridge in Brooklyn I came to appreciate the endless variety of experiences the bridge had to offer as the seasons, weather and times of day changed. I came to know at what vantage point I would stand to see the sun shining through the center of the arches throughout the year. Every spring I looked forward to the peach tones illuminating on the side of the bridge as the sun set. In the winter, the blustery wind, waves and snow were invigorating while the bridge seemed so ominous. And in the summer, I would enjoy seeing the birds fly under the bridge as the sun rays danced on the water and as fisher people, joggers and bicyclists enjoyed the waterside. I remember that persistent sound of a freight train shouting through the bridge during hurricanes Irene and Ivan and Superstorm Sandy. It was an awesome sound. The bridge was alive. This photo was taken at the entrance to the water near Shore Rd and 4th Ave during a blustery snowstorm.

Price: $700.00