Unction of the Holy Spirit, 2006-2019

Artist Name: 
Amarachi Okafor
Mixed Media, built painting- Acrylic, stubbed cigarette filter papers, fabric
Dimensions (width x height x depth): 
120cm x 99cm (Unframed dim.)

The action of Spirit! I have come to learn that words that emanate from Spirit are Law, for instance, plants cannot choose to grow or not. They operate by this law. Man, however, has free will… What is mankind in the universe? Who are we? Why are we? What is the path that leads to the truth about our identity? There is a notion that we are spirits made to be like God who is Spirit. Can mankind reach in or reach out to figure out who and why we are? The journey to discovery, revelation, and truth is intense and almost inscrutable.

Price: $4,561.89
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