VISIONARIES: Seers of the Soul

Visionaries: Seers of the Soul
From Blake and Fuch’s, to our contemporary’s we are deeply influenced and affected by Visionary Art. This exhibition of artists, who are now creating some of the most thought provoking and compelling work of the 21st Century, are inspired by their personal connection to the universe and to humanity in a passionate drive to express their innermost world in a distinct way.

In some circles Visionary Art’s definition encompasses works of the trained/untrained, insane and alien abducted as well as those who travel deep within to meet their souls in an often dream like display of emotions and awakenings, as if swimming in some effervescent underground river of visions!

However, once it enters our being there is no question as to its source and that it affects us deeply. It is unmistakably clear that it encompasses such a large scope with varied styles and imagery that it defies a definition that we can all agree upon.

This exhibition of formidable and insightful artists gives us an intimate peek into some of the most compelling works of art created internationally at this time.

Visionary Art will consume, enfold, spark, devour and inspires us.
It intensely whispers to our souls.

It has been our distinct honor and pleasure to assemble this grouping of artists whose imagery and devotion touched us in a profound way!

Arlé Sklar-Weinstein & France Garrido - 2014

Price: $39.95