Community Writing Project Journal

The long awaited coffee table edition of the Community Writing Project Journal is here waiting for you. Special thanks to all the talented contributors.
Blue Door Art Center is the proud publisher of the CWPJ a selection of international artists and poets. This journal that started as an idea from Jacqueline Reason evolved. It was interruped by CoVid and crossed the Atlantic from England.
Kudos to: Jacqueline Reason & Golda Solomon, co-editors,Russell Evans, Nakeisha, Diane Falcone, Jim Garber, Paper Clip Design & Book Baby
Copies are $55.00 each if purchased at BDAC and $65.00 mailed in the U.S. Softcover, full color, 167pps.

In 2020, at the height of the pandemic restrictions, a group of writers and artists came together on Zoom to take part in a series of workshops under the guidance of Blue Door Art Center Poet-in-Residence Golda Solomon and memoirist and playwright Jacqueline Reason. Based in Yonkers, New York, the workshop soon spread to reach writers across the world and became an essential part of their creative life. For some it was life changing. The artists and writers selected here represent a new beginning of creative energy following dark and difficult times. Most are based in New York City's boroughs, Westchester County and New York State. Others are in Florida, Pennsylvania, California and England. In their individual ways they show that, as the poet and critic Ann van Buren said, "the world needs art more than anything right now."

Omar Kharem
Robert Gibbons
Nia Andino
Vanessa Chica
Ysabella Hincapie-Gara
Jill Austin
Nico Collazo
Sheila Benedis
Debbi Dolan
Linda J Mendelson
Pedro Fernandez
Cecilia Hughes
Alexis Jackson
Kalila Abdur Razzaq
Julie Cousens
Evan Bishop
Katori Walker
Golda Solomon
Matthew Turov
Arlene Quiyou- Pena
Anna Limontas-Salisbury
Christopha Moreland
John Maney
Peggy Robles-Alvarado
Jacqueline Johnson
Marcia Klein
Marcus John
Paula Zack
Rosi Hertlein
Russell Evans
Deborah Maier
And more...

Price: $65.00