Spring's Promise

Artist Name: 
Amy Reissner
Spring Green and Clear Bullseye sheet glass
Dimensions (width x height x depth): 
7 &3/4" diameter & 1 & 1/2" h

This beautiful Spring Green colored glass with flowers etched throughout the bowl brings joy and hope that despite winter's barren landscape the promise of spring is just around the corner. This bowl can be placed on a stand, hung on a wall using plate hangers, placed on a kitchen island or side table to admire, and also used as a serving bowl w/fruit or chocolates.

Medium and Process: Spring Green and Clear Bullseye sheet glass is individually circle cut by me into 2 circles. It is full fused in a Kiln up to about 1490 F in a process that takes 2 hours 10 minutes. I sketched a design with roses, stems and leaves on paper and cut out each individual piece on fiber paper, which I carefully arranged under the fused glass circle on a kiln shelf. The glass w/fiber paper design was then fired in the kiln up to 1520 F for about 2 hrs. 20 minutes. The 3rd step in the process was to clean off all the fiber paper and then place the etched circle into a mold which is again kiln fired up to 1180 F for about 2 hour

Artist Bio:
Amy has always looked at the world around her, and the life she lives, as art. She believes that if people remember to look at the world with innate curiosity they will recognize that there is beauty in everything. She is especially attuned to Mother Nature’s artistry and it is no surprise that Amy’s art is influenced by nature’s changing seasons. Amy intuitively and consciously integrates seasonal patterns, shapes, colors, textures, shadows and light into all of her creations.

Amy started her professional career as an RN, but after a few years moved into the healing arts including: energy medicine, homeopathy, shamanism and plant-based cooking, when she realized that, for her, healing was more of an art than a science. The artistry involved in working with people as a healing practitioner encompasses observation, awareness, and intuitive understanding, which easily translates into the works of art that she creates. For Amy, the practice of the healing and fine arts evoke a profound experience of reverence, joy and appreciation of life. Each piece of her art encompasses who Amy has been and who she is becoming. Just as in life, her art is dynamic and evolving. Amy’s experience of life is infused into all of her artistic creations.

Amy believes that everything in life and nature is inspiration for creating a work of art. She keeps a notebook by her bed because she often awakens in the middle of the night to write down her ideas, or to draw a picture she envisioned in a dream. From this, Amy can create a pastel drawing or a painting or incorporate the ideas and images into her pottery or glass art. Amy is also inspired that her creations can be used and enjoyed by people and gifted for special occasions.

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Price: $135.00
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