Sea Glass

Artist Name: 
Dawn Leone
Oil on Canvas
Dimensions (width x height x depth): 
16" x 20"

Sea Glass Oil on Canvas by Dawn Leone
Sea Glass’ is color study of observed variations of light reflected, refracted, and absorbed in the glacier lagoon in Jokulsarlon Iceland.

Artist Bio: Dawn is a painting & printmaking artist inspired by observation of world issues, nature, science, beauty, and multi-disciplinary process studies.
Working from her home studio in New York she is currently elaborating on a series of woodblock relief prints and oil paintings focused on the Arctic landscape. Unspoiled beauty, a spiraling climate, and the uncertainty of glacier existence in our near future creates a compelling incentive to capture as much of it as possible. By switching between printmaking and painting techniques Dawn is able to express while experiment methodically.

Purchase can be picked up at the gallery by appointment.

Price: $650.00
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