Red Vines

Artist Name: 
Che Sabalja
oil on canvas
Dimensions (width x height x depth): 
24" x 30"

The painting uses nature to symbolize and contextualize layered encounters harbored in the brain's synapses. The vines capture the paths of my thoughts, feelings, emotions, joys, curiosity, questioning, and fears and the canvas provides their resting place. The paintbrush extends beyond a tool to transform my creative energy into a healing force and harness contemplations with the viscosity of the paint. Blending and weaving the colors embrace the unconscious providing a cohesive stream of mindfulness where I can touch and caress the contemplations. The fluidity of the oil paint can manipulate, coax, and rebirth the memories, echoing the life cycle of the grape vines.

Price: $2,550.00
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