A Particular Peculiarity

Artist Name: 
Alexander Lawton
Gesso, grass, acrylic paint, and colored pencil on paper. 2020
Dimensions (width x height x depth): 
10" x 12"

This piece is an investigation into the pithy peculiarities found within the dense diversity in every community. There are an undefinable amount of traits to any given community. My intention with this piece is to investigate how many specific visual components I can identify within a given plane of abstraction, with the hope of revealing the endless possibilities residing within a given situation. This project is a visual investigation into the resilience of communities in the face of drastic change. The nature of life being unpredictable these days inclines me to work with non-representational visuals. When meditating on concepts of hope, joy, and community, I continue to be drawn towards abstract imagery. Communities consist of many interwoven individual relationships, and I hope to mirror that through the use of diverse mark-making techniques. How can I use abstraction as a catalyst for increased understanding and togetherness?

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