Looking From My Kitchen to Ukraine

Artist Name: 
Paula Markowitz Wittlin
recycled materials. Two windows from a Tudor home. Door hinges. Barbie and baby dolls. Ken doll. Spent bullet shells. Ashes. Rope. Recycled metal. This is a 3-D construction.
Dimensions (width x height x depth): 
30" w x 24" h x 6" d

Two recycled old windows, layered. The first represents my kitchen in New York. The lower image is a graphic scene of the war in Ukraine created from recycled and upcycled materials. The background is made of photos and headlines from newspapers. A Russian tank has been created from a can that held crushed tomatoes. The wheels are from old wire, random beads and old foam pieces. The chain is from a telephone handcord. At the base are old dolls, representing the human devastation. They are covered in ashes and pieces of charred wood from my fireplace. Red nailpolish was used to show blood. Used bullet shell cartridges are seen throughout. On the kitchen window, there are some tears, lightly painted. The viewer remains at a distance.

Price: $375.00