Growing Room

Artist Name: 
Alexander Lawton
Acrylic paint and colored pencil on chipboard
Dimensions (width x height x depth): 

This project began as an investigation into my personal radical vision for a brighter future. In this quarantine, I feel like distractions have been removed, and the fat has been cut from the space that I exist in daily. I planned to lean into this phenomenon by depicting myself in this space that has been boiled down to a few essential entities. My process involved a lot of personal reflection about where I am at right now. I created an extensive list of the entities I have lost in this transition, the few entities I have maintained, and the entities I may be able to gain with my new environment. I realized that there were a select few aspects of my daily life that I currently practice and desire to strengthen in the future. For example, an focus on transforming negative energy into positive energy, a strong love for my family and my environment, and the development of my identity as an individual. I also realized that there were many aspects of my past life that have been lost due to external forces. For example, social interaction in daily life, my friends, public events, and freedom of motion throughout the world. In addition to that, I pointed out aspects of my past life that I still practice, but desire to grow out of. For example, smoking, drinking, and turning to distractions instead of maintaining faith and understanding through uncomfortability. More importantly than all of these phenomena, though, is my meditation on the positive unknown that awaits my calling in every moment of my upcoming existence. I hope to explain that visually with the large amount of “white space” in red. This piece is very personal to my experience of an indescribable but undeniable physical feeling of hope, faith, and love during a time of extreme internal and external suffering. My vision for a brighter future is radical because it is realistic, and isn’t inaccessibly utopic. To me, this piece is very honest. Change is here, and the future is now. It is uncomfortable and has a visceral but surreal quality. And most of all, it is exciting.

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