Gore in love

Artist Name: 
Siled/Starr Severon
Acrylic paints
Dimensions (width x height x depth): 
20x20, 3cm deep edge

I used different shades of heavy red paint to burn with a heat gun to create this bloody organ like texture, over a layered canvas ending in Golden titanium white paint. Deep edge dressed in gold paint.A merge of light and gray maybe. A hopeful balance. There is a poem I wrote for this piece. The poem will be handwritten on handmade paper hanging in the back of the painting. The poem goes as follows: Bloody, singed roses, - deeper than blood. – more than love and creeps like gore. Fresh death in the folds of fine gold like unseen stems, veins and lines. As leaves and birds fly love alive. Copyright 2022 Siled Starr Severon

Price: $720.00