Café Majestic In Rua de Santa Caterina, Oporto, Porto

Artist Name: 
Daniel Boyer
digital photography
Dimensions (width x height x depth): 
17-1/8" x 21-3/16"

Café Majestic is an iconic, historic café in an Art-Nouveau building, similar to Parisian cafés at the time of its 1920’s founding, on Rua de Santa Catarina in Oporto, Portugal. It was named a building of national historical interest in 1983. It is considered one of the top ten most beautiful cafés in the world. Rua Santa Catarina (Santa Catarina Street) is Oporto’s most important shopping street, pedestrianized, going from Praça Marquês de Pombal to Praça da Batalha. Along it are many important stores.

Price: $158.00