Am I Made Up of Squiggles and Dots?

Artist Name: 
Jaqueline Mejia
acrylic paint, glitter, and paint markers on canvas
Dimensions (width x height x depth): 

You approach a painting. It's of a person you don't quite recognize. The partial figure is shrouded by a sea of color and pattern. It is riddled with squiggles and dots that are too surreal to be reality! - you think. As you stare- you start to wonder if perhaps it's you that doesn't feel real. You ask yourself- "Am I Just Made of Squiggles and Dots?" This is part 5 of my "Cropped" painting series which explores the reality of dissociation and provides a visual answer to: What is it to feel disconnected from yourself? To not feel real?

Price: $340.00
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