Art in Storefronts and Outdoor Murals - Request for Proposals

This is a call to all regional artists to contribute to the continued beautification efforts in historic Downtown Yonkers by submitting proposals to display artwork in Yonkers Storefronts and create murals on selected walls. The Blue Door, Yonkers City government and private businesses are collaborating to make funding for artists and spaces available. The presence of art will help develop a strong foundation for a growing downtown community.

We strongly encourage artists of all kinds to submit their work for installation of original artwork in three storefronts and for the creation of three murals in the Main Street area of the city. Selected artists will get monetary stipends as well as exposure. The deadline for submissions is next Tuesday, so please respond ASAP

Interested artists can see more information about these opportunities and submit their proposals through this link on the City of Yonkers' online system.