James Humphrey

Poet & Abstract Artist

"I paint abstracts and sometimes get lucky and bring home a surreal. I write contemporary poetry {20 volumes}. I dig into my heart facing the canvas, board or blank writing paper with an empty head, and paint and write for myself. In the major arts, doing it for others lessens the work. Hopefully I learn something about myself."

James grew up in poverty and was severely abused. Remarkably he overcame both. He is a Brown University Honours graduate; the only American to be a NOBEL Literary finalist four times. Novelist Kurt Vonnegut--1922-2007, told him, "Somebody's got their eye on you--better buy yourself a warmer coat."

All of Jim's published works are in Brown University's archive's rare (19 in the world) JOSIAH collection. His abstracts have hung in many major U.S. galleries and museums. His life is as unbelievable as his accomplishments in art and poetry.

* * * * * * * * * *

Award-winning poet James Humphrey (1939-2008) is captured on an hour-long recorded collection at poetry readings for his first book Argument for Love (nominated for a Pulitzer Prize) while living in Marshalltown, Iowa, and New England. It is illustrated with paintings by the writer. The CD is available at JamesHumphrey.net.