Francesca Noto

My artwork is the consequence of my intellectual and spiritual journey, born from both the material world and the world unseen. It is a physical expression of ideas that I have absorbed in my midst, sieved through my heart, and made into an object. My images manifest from being an avid reader, a humble listener, an observer, a vessel of empathy, and the realization that I am part of a larger whole.

I devote a great deal of time doing research in libraries, museums and in my studio gleaning as much “reliable” information as possible so I may have a deeper understanding of my subjects and concepts. For such information, I tap into areas such as anthropology (including archeology) various fields of science, as well as mythological, religious and historical sources.

Being with Nature is a significant part in developing my internal reservoir. In the process of
connecting with Nature, I reflect within myself and intermingle with the energy that surrounds and permeates my being. Subsequently, I express what I have internalized in my soul and in my mind’s eye to transform it into an external form, a form that reaches my viewers not with words, but with the language of the soul.