Chris Hampton


This body of work focuses on the aesthetic elements of line, color, space and form that exist in common construction materials used in our daily working and living environment. Careful attention has been placed on the use of the subtle wood grain existing in plywood as flowing line. The aluminum sheet metal has been cut and stacked on top of the plywood so that depth is created. The depth of surface allows light to form shadows along the edges of the metal further emphasizing the qualities of the lines in the wood grain. The cool, austere aluminum surface juxtaposes the delicate nature of the wood grain offering a reference to the design features of many offices, automobiles, and homes built during the early 21st century. Pastel colors and the gloss finish have been chosen to complement the clean, often slick feeling to the contemporary interior and architectural environments currently being built.

Special attention is placed on using plywood from construction or demolition sites. By making work with this wood a second life is given to discarded materials that would otherwise be thrown away. Each piece carries with it particular aesthetic traits associated with the location from which the materials were gathered. Therefore, different series done in this style will possess subtle qualities unique to the location from which they were collected.


Originally born in CT. in 1973, the child of a ceramic artist and interior designer, Chris Hampton studied art with his parents until graduating from high school. His development included traveling though parts of Europe as well as Asia and Africa. Hampton attended the University of Georgia, where he studied Sculpture, earning a BFA in 1997. He then went on to Florida State University to further his studies in Sculpture, earning an MFA in 2000. Hampton decided to begin his career by teaching in college and spent 3 years as an Adjunct Professor at FSU in the Visual Arts Department. At the same time he continued his education by enrolling in the Ph.D. program at FSU. Hampton studied Arts Administration and received his doctoral degree in 2008.

Hampton has held several administrative positions since completing doctoral coursework in 2003. In addition to his teaching load he also served as Director of the Art Academy at FSU, a summer program for college bound high school students interested in becoming art majors from 2000 through 2003. Hampton moved into the non-profit field while still operating the Art Academy and became the Director of Education at the Gadsden Arts Center from 2002 through 2004. In 2004 he left the Gadsden Arts Center to take a position as Executive Director of the 621 Gallery, a non-profit organization dedicated to exhibiting cutting edge contemporary artwork, which he held until 2007.

Hampton has since moved to New York and now owns and operates Hampton Art Studios. It is through Hampton Art Studios that he continues his work as a sculptor and does freelance grant writing and fundraising for non-profit art organizations. He lives in Yonkers, NY with his wife Dr. Cheri Michele Hampton.