Painting Music - 1

Artist Name: 
Mary Ellis
Acrylic paint and oil stick on canvas
Dimensions (width x height x depth): 
12" x 12"

Every new canvas begins as an adventure. I work intuitively with no conscious intention, drawing from a well of fantasy, memory and emotion.I create brilliantly colored energetic abstract paintings with organic shapes defined by spontaneous lines. The work is about rhythm, energy, light and space. The texture, fluidtiy, and immediacy of the paint feels like a dance. There is a point when a composition evolves and the work takes on a life of its own, and I am balancing between spontaneity and structure. My hope is that the viewer will join me in the adventure, set thought aside, and be open to allowing their own sensibilities to take in and enjoy my work on a purely emotional and visceral level. . .

Price: $550.00
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