Jessie Pettway, Gee's Bend Quilter

Artist Name: 
Mary Tooley Parker
wool and other fibers on linen backing
Dimensions (width x height x depth): 
14" x 12"

I am an artist using textiles as paint. My work focuses on realistic interpretations of people and nature, whether from memories, dreams, or images. Incorporated in my work are new and recycled wool, cotton and silk fabric, handspun and mill spun yarn, fleece, silk fiber, and metallic fibers. I also use natural and synthetic dyes to dye these materials into the colors I want. Textile art is received by the viewer in a different way than fine art, and there is science showing that a different part of the brain is stimulated when viewing a textile. It appeals to the senses, especially touch, and gives a feeling of warmth and familiarity before the brain even registers the visual image. Working in this simple medium affords me a strong connection not only to the fibers running through my fingertips, but also to the women who used this medium to speak during what was a much more difficult time. Using this form as a creative expression of my experience carries the tradition into the contemporary art world.

Price: $400.00
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