Female Stirrup Spout Vessel

Artist Name: 
Karen Jaimes
buff stoneware
Dimensions (width x height x depth): 

As a sculptor, I am interested in the power objects have and their ability to transport one into another realm. I pinch and prod to form works that address identity, cultural trends, and socio-political views. Raised in an urban jungle in close proximity to New York City (Yonkers) and witnessing the gross social inequalities, I confronted the troubles of the world and immersed myself in sociology, political science and visual arts as an undergraduate student. Protesting politicians in Albany and Washington D.C. left me drained, but working 8-12 hours in my ceramic studio transforming those sentiments was invigorating and deeply satisfying. Being immersed in the art world all of my life, I continually seek more exposure. I travel by car extensively to museums in other states. My influences are vast, ranging from pre-Columbian South American pottery to contemporary sculpture of all mediums. I employ a free-form sculpting technique to create figurative ceramic sculptures and vessels that are designed to probe the human psyche. Digesting certain unpalatable realities of the world mixed with personal ideology and the sense of duty to inform are what drive me to sculpt.

Price: $600.00
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